Nihi: A Children’s Show for Guahan Nenis

This week, I would like to ask everyone who reads this blog or regularly uses my coloring cards to please support a PBS Children’s Show for Guahan Nenis, called NIHI. You can support this effort by attending a public hearing on Wednesday, June 12, at 1:30, at the Guam Legislature. You can also submit testimony in support of NIHI to Senator Tina Muna Barnes’ office.

If you can’t be present for the public hearing, you can still submit written testimony in support of this wonderful project!  And not to be pushy, but you should!  Do it!  Why wouldn’t you?

Having a children’s show for CHamoru children is exciting! There isn’t a single CHamoru children’s show on television. If I can support Cookie Monster and Thomas the Train with Vicente, then I can surely give some of my time to supporting a show that teaches my son the value of his heritage, home, and native language. This is exciting!!!! RIGHT?!

Images from my Coloring Card Deck were included in this episode and I was so excited to see them. Can you spot them?


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