Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture.
Circling high above the sick body of my history.
Waiting to nibble my flesh.
Food to fatten a
Graduate thesis.
Law school project.
Conference presentation.
Narrowly read article.
Already said type of shit my people already know and are tired of explaining over and over again for your….
Super important research.
groundbreaking article.
One of a kind work that has been done only twenty times before.
You come every few months
when the smell of our ailment is thickest
when it’s stinking up the air
hungry, and wanting to feed off someone already thin.
Culture. Vulture.
The tastiest parts of me:
my stolen land.
my grandmother’s oppression.
my father’s colonization.
You smack your lips when I,
wipe away tears
search for my native words
When I mourn my own death.
I have no time to feed you.
I am dying, sick…
You already know this.
You can tell because you have picked up my scent.
You’ve flown miles to swoop over my remains.
I cannot feed you.
I am busy dying.
My children must learn their language,
know where åmot grows
trace their family names
Learn to respond when told they’re not here.
My family must grow their food.
My elders must protect their stories.
We have no time to help you,
Get cited.
Be Reviewed.
Share your article.
Promote your film.
Fact check your story.
Write your study guide.
Ask our library to order your shit.
Culture. Vulture.
You cannot “pick my brain”
“help me tell my story”
“have a heart to heart”
I have work to do.
My children are waiting.

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