Professora Fino Ingles

(In my English classroom, we have a CHamoru word of the day list that we contribute to throughout the semester.  Other CHamoru English Professors in my department make use of it, too.  Students have fun with it and like learning new words, but sometimes, introducing a new word is so fun it makes us wish we could spend the whole hour doing it.)


Wish I caught glotas like I catch commas,

That I could red pen the shit out of that um-infix

Wish we didn’t have to spend this hour talking latin roots,

That I could wax on about our ROOT(s)…words.


I wanna call out reduplication real quick, like I do run-ons.


I want to look it up from Dungca and tell Webster to peace out.

Because who cares if this is the British or American form when all we really wanna know is how Luta says it?

Why can’t we spend the day debating whether we’re maolek or mauleg?

Why am I teaching a language so bastardized, so weak, that a single sentence needs to borrow from four different countries,

When we have tongues so powerful they change whole words, cutting them apart, interrupting and disturbing them, shaking the hell out of them until they are uniquely OURS.


We steal vowels and replace them, so our melody stays fierce.

  I Fleres

We dress up our A’s with lonnats, Gave our N’s tildes and g’s, making three

because a simple N could not contain us, and we

tricked out our “C”

because one capital letter wasn’t even enough to announce us.



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