Hello! My name is Desiree.  I teach Composition and Intro to Communications at our local college.  I used to regularly maintain a popular blog called “The Drowning Mermaid,” but have been distracted since having children (I have two).  Motherhood has consumed me. All I seem to think or talk about are things that somehow involve my kids.  It’s a little annoying.

I initially created this website to help people purchase my coloring cards more easily,  but still having the urge to write,  I decided to use the blog more regularly to discuss issues that mothers on Guam (particularly Chamorro mothers) encounter while raising children within our unique culture. These issues didn’t seem to fit in with the entries on my other blog.  As a matter of fact, people who read “The Drowning Mermaid,” started to complain that I was writing too much about motherhood.

The inspiration for using the blog option on this site has come from becoming a mother and my grandmother, or rather, the absence of my grandmother.


Gloria Borja Nelson was my go-to authority for any question I had about Guam’s history, the Chamorro language, or our local traditions.  If she didn’t have the answer, she was always able to point me in the right direction to find it. I have found that many of my female friends have developed strong bonds with their grandmothers for this reason as well.  Unfortunately, many of us have also lost our grandmothers within this past year.  The discussions within this blog are held in honor of their willingness to always share their knowledge and perspectives with us.  This is our way of keeping these discussions alive, even after their passing.

I still make and print cards, but have returned to work full-time and no longer sell them online.  It’s hard to run around selling and mailing cards the way I used to when I took a year off to stay with my son.  I definitely still do my best to get them to people who want them.  I’m just slower these days!

If you have an idea for an entry (or would like to write an entry about a topic important to you), feel free to contact me.

Biba Famalao’an Guahan!


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